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Here comes the Galayx S5! There is a special event today and everyone expects Samsung to announce the new king in the mobile phone world…the Galaxy S5.

There are several photos that have leaked out ahead of the event and even some of the specs have made it out to the blog world.

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To start with there will be a 16 megapixel camera in the rear…kind of a show off at this point because 10-12 is plenty.

The screen is getting even bigger then the S4 and there is a built in fingerprint scanner just like the latest iPhone 5s.

A great feature that will be welcomed among everyone is the waterproof and dust proof technology that is going to be standard with the S5! No more water logged phones! I’m assuming this will be standard for all phones in the next few years.

The iPad Air is about to launch and while nobody thought they’d name it iPad Air they did expect the latest iPad to be thinner and faster just as Apple always does with the new iPads and iPhones.

The price stays the same and starts at $499 for the 16GB WIFi and over $900 for the 128GB version. Apple says the battery life is the same as previous models at around 10 hours of usage…even though they managed to dramatically improve the CPU speed of the iPad Air.

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The new Motorola phone called the Moto X is launching on August 23 with AT&T.

This is a flagship phone for Motorola and Google and they’ve put in a few special features and customization that make up for the surprisingly mid range specs.

moto x screen

Motorola is using a dated Qualcomm dual-core processor instead of the quad-core that the GS4 is using. The reasoning is because they want the Moto X to have a great battery life. They have an always on experience with the Moto X and you can launch applications with just your voice or a gesture.

Moto also said that most of the quad core phones done’t use more then two of the processors at any one time to save on battery anyway. They’ve made a better and more efficient dual core processor and the Moto X is a fast phone that will do everything you want and more.

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The reasoning for the 720p screen is that the human eye can’t see beyond 300 pixels per inch so why was the battery life of pushing more pixels? Plus, they’re able to give a better color depth with a super high quality AMOLED display.

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According to this leaked ad the Droid Ultra will be released on 8-8-13.  The Droid Ultra lineup includes the Droid Ultra Mini, Droid Ultra Maxx, and the Droid Ultra.

droid ultra release date

The Droid Ultra Mini will have a smaller screen at around 4.3″ and the Maxx will have one awesome battery. In face in the ad below it says “48 hours of worry-free battery life”…which would be amazing. I wish every smartphone would have the droid maxx battery size.

The old RAZR Maxx HD had 32 hours of talk time so they’ve really bumped up the battery power and efficiency of the phone.

We still don’t have any idea on what specs the Droid Ultra has, we’re guessing high end and in line with the Galaxy S4 with 2GB RAM and at least a quad-core processor with 1080p screens and video recording.

I’m sure the case manufactures hate creating a Droid Ultra case, Droid Ultra mini case and then a seperate Droid Ultra Maxx case.

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There is no denying the fact that Verizon’s inability to obtain iPhone 4 as earlier anticipated did not set well with subscribers. Nevertheless, the decision to invest in the 4G LTE high speed internet has seen it regain ground from its rivals such as AT&T. And yes, Verizon may charge higher prices but again this cannot be compared to the superb services it offers. Verizon continue to be a significant industry player through its highly rated Droid branding and other popular brands. Below is a brief overview of the five latest new droid phones in 2013 from Verizon based on battery life, call quality, camera features, hardware specifications as well as the design and feel.

Keep in mind there are not any new phones released in 2013 yet, so these are the latest releases…you can see some of upcoming verizon phones over on that post.

AT&T and US Cellular are now taking pre0rders for the Samsung Galaxy S4! This is currently the fastest phone with a host of new features, including IR emitter to use as a TV remote, eye tracking software, and a great 5 inch OLED screen. This is the phone to have. Check out to see amazing specs and cases for this new phone.

The Droid DNA

new droid phones 2013
Droid DNA is among the few smartphones to feature a highly impressive 1080p screen but without in any case compromising on the other essential features. Features such as processing power and even battery life remain intact despite the 1080p HD screen. Other outstanding features of this model include the 5″ to 5.5″ screen, a front facing camera and is wi fi enabled. The only short coming is its fixed memory capacity at 16 GB and the fact that it does not support a microSD. Overall, the Droid DNA is a must buy to any Verizon subscriber.


droid razr maxx new verizon anddroid phone

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Verizon has been releasing lots of phones each year over the past few years. In fact in 2012 they released over 7 smartphones and you can see some of the new Droid phones they released on that link. They also released several basic phones that don’t require data plans for those individuals that for some reason only want to make phone calls with their phone…aka my grandpa.

So what are some of the upcoming Verizon phones in 2013 going to be?

Keep in mind the bottom part of this list is just rumors…the top few phones are certain to almost certain to launch in 2013.

  • Sony Xperia Z & ZL
  • HTC M7
  • iPhone 5S
  • Galaxy S4
  • Droid 5
  • Droid DNA 2
  • Droid RAZR Maxx HD 2
  • Nexus 5
  • Galaxy Note 3

Looks like another upcoming Verizon phones is coming very soon in the spring/summer 2013…the HTC M7.


There is one phone confirmed and several easy bets as to what will be coming out in 2013.  The one smartphone that is confirmed and that will no doubt be a huge hit is the Sony Xperia Z and ZL phones.

The Sony Xperia Z and ZL will be new Verizon phones in April 2013.

upcoming verizon phones 2013

These two Sony phones has officially put Sony in the top few spots for the high end smart phone in 2013. It will be very hard for another company to beat these phones in terms of looks and specs. The Xperia Z is freaking waterproof, looks beautiful, has a quad-core processor and an awesome camera with a full 1080p screen. The Xperia ZL has everything except the waterproofing.

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