New Droid Phones 2013

There is no denying the fact that Verizon’s inability to obtain iPhone 4 as earlier anticipated did not set well with subscribers. Nevertheless, the decision to invest in the 4G LTE high speed internet has seen it regain ground from its rivals such as AT&T. And yes, Verizon may charge higher prices but again this cannot be compared to the superb services it offers. Verizon continue to be a significant industry player through its highly rated Droid branding and other popular brands. Below is a brief overview of the five latest new droid phones in 2013 from Verizon based on battery life, call quality, camera features, hardware specifications as well as the design and feel.

Keep in mind there are not any new phones released in 2013 yet, so these are the latest releases…you can see some of upcoming verizon phones over on that post.

AT&T and US Cellular are now taking pre0rders for the Samsung Galaxy S4! This is currently the fastest phone with a host of new features, including IR emitter to use as a TV remote, eye tracking software, and a great 5 inch OLED screen. This is the phone to have. Check out to see amazing specs and cases for this new phone.

The Droid DNA

new droid phones 2013
Droid DNA is among the few smartphones to feature a highly impressive 1080p screen but without in any case compromising on the other essential features. Features such as processing power and even battery life remain intact despite the 1080p HD screen. Other outstanding features of this model include the 5″ to 5.5″ screen, a front facing camera and is wi fi enabled. The only short coming is its fixed memory capacity at 16 GB and the fact that it does not support a microSD. Overall, the Droid DNA is a must buy to any Verizon subscriber.


droid razr maxx new verizon anddroid phone

With an improved camera and longer battery life double the normal razr, the droid razr maxx is undoubtedly among the best smartphones in the market today. Other excellent features include an amazing 4″ to 4.5″ screen, video capture on a 1080p and supports is 4G networks. The main merits of the droid razr maxx are two fold; fantastic battery life and improved design. But some people find its design logo heavy.

droid razr maxx hd new droid phone
This smartphone is an improved version of the droid razr maxx introduced to the market in 2011. Apart from building on the features of the former, the droid razr maxx hd adds some extra goodies such as taking care of the size as well as coming up with a more comfortable design. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with droid razr maxx then you will find the droid razr maxx hd better due to its sleek solid and impressive design. Additional features are a beautiful display, is semi rugged and this durable plus extremely great performance. Its camera is however not very impressive and it does not ship. Moreover, it is a bit expensive going for as much as $300 a whooping $100 above most smart phones in the market today. But this may be compensated by its very long battery life and is excellent for people who are always on the go.
The Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 android verizon phone
The galaxy s3 has been hailed as the best smartphone of all time. It comes with a 4.8″ display and a reduced size. Moreover, by supporting a multi window display mode, users of this device enjoy more comfort since you do not need to switch tasks. For example, if one is watching a movie and an email comes in, you only need to click on the notification and you are there. Your other applications continue running. Another outstanding feature is the 1280 by 720 display which is hailed to be among the best in the smartphone market. It further contains a glass cover and a plastic casing for extra strength. If you are after a smartphone with the best camera then you should shop for the galaxy s3 However, much as it is nice to hold, it is not as nice as a iphone 5.

The Galaxy Note 2

galaxy-note-2 upcoming android phone 2013
This one is perfect for those individuals who long for larger screens but still do not prefer a tablet. Its main features are a 5.5″ to 6.0″ screen, wi fi enabled, 4G LTE and is not bulky. The other top features of this device is a replaceable battery, improved S pen functionality a longer battery life and speedy performance. The main drawbacks include; failure of the S pen to work in most non-Samsung applications, low display resolution and unreliable Touchwiz.
These are the top 5 Droid smartphones from Verizon in 2013. Go over each specification again, compare their features and then choose the best. Your check list should include; battery life, call quality, camera features, hardware specifications as well as the design and feel.

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